2015 Division 1 Schedule



Northeast Bassmasters

Division 1 Saturday Team Tournament Schedule

1    April 11  Lake Hopatcong  Lee’s Park   7:00 - 3:30                 


2    May 2        Candlewood Lake   Squantz        8:00 – 4:00


3    May 16      Candlewood Lake   Squantz        7:30 - 3:30


4    June 20     Lake Hopatcong     Lee’s Park    7:00 - 3:30


5    June 27    Lake Hopatcong      Lee’s Park    7:00 - 3:30


6    July 11    Greenwood Lake     Moose Head  7:00 – 3:30


7    July 25    Lake Hopatcong      Lee’s Park     7:00 - 3:30


8    Aug 8      Greenwood Lake     Moose Head  7:00 - 3:30


9    Aug 22    Lake Hopatcong      Lee’s Park    7:00 - 3:30


10   Aug 29  Greenwood Lake     Moose head  7:00 - 3:30


11   Sept 12  Lake Hopatcong     Lee’s Park    7:00 – 3:30


12   Sept 26  Lake Hopatcong    Lee’s Park    7:00 – 3:30


"Tournament of Champions"

Date and Lake

To Be Announced 


"Membership Form"...Click to open

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If competing in both divisions with different partners, please complete separate Divisional membership form.  Be sure to attach completed release of liability for each member and submit with copy of participating boater’s insurance deck page. Both may be submitted at first event.

        All tournament dates are tentative until the permits have been issued from the authorizing  

agencies and are in my possession.


There will be annual dues of $15.00 to become a Northeast member and a one time fee of $5.00 per member for the Big Bass Pool for the 2015 season.   At the conclusion of our last event 100% of the money collected from the Big Bass Pool will be awarded to the team with the biggest fish for the year.   Each tournament will cost $110.00 which includes $10.00 for the lunker pool for that day and 80% of the total less the lunker pool will be paid back to the top 3 finishers in each tournament.  Cash only will be accepted at the ramp for registration the day of the tournament.  There will be a five fish limit per team which allows an angler to fish alone should his partner not be able to fish a particular event.  Club members who pre pay for a tournament by mail prior to the event will be placed on the blast off list in the order in which they are received.  The lowest starting numbers will go to those who pay first.  If you plan to fish an event and wish to pre-pay you may send the entry fee to:

Paul J. Schmidt

215 Reeve Avenue

Bloomingdale, NJ 07403

For additional information please contact me at 973-865-9347 or thebassman1947@yahoo.com .


** Any tournament that is scheduled outside of New Jersey, i.e. Candlewood, that you wish to register and pre-pay the entrance fee for must be received  no later than Wednesday the week of the event.  Remember we have a 25 & 30 boat field for each of the scheduled Candlewood tournaments, and the spots are filled on a first come first serve basis both by mail and at the ramp.  If you know you are going to fish the event, registering and paying in advance will almost guarantee a position on the blast-off list.  You may still register and pay at the ramp.  It’s up to you.


Please visit our web site at   www.northeastbassmasters.com 

Keep your hooks sharp and your lines tight.

See you on the water.

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