2012 Fishing Facts

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Northeast Bassmasters

2012 Year End Fishing Facts


*There were 12 Points Tournaments for the 2012

fishing season

*169 fisherman became members of Northeast during

the 2012 season making this year's membership the

largest ever

*81 teams fished the 12 tournament schedule

*137 five fish limits were caught during the 12 events

*61.4 % of the field caught limits this season

*A total of 828 bass were weighed in

*610 were large mouths

*218 were small mouths

*The total weight for the season was 1701.47 pounds

*Average weight of the fish caught was 2.05 pounds

*The team with the most weight for the season goes to

Skip Lerman and Mitch Pierson with 135.56 pounds

*The season's heaviest bag was 18.21 pounds

caught by the team of J. Hammond and H. Zienowicz

*The team of Schmidt and Salvatore caught the big fish

for the year a 5 pound 13.4 ounce large mouth

*The most fish caught for the season was 9 five fish

limits or 45 fish for the 9 events that the team of Skip

Lerman and Mitch Pierson fished

*The only team to fish all 12 events was team Williams

*Our best attended tournament with 28 teams fishing

the event was on May 19, 2012 on Candlewood Lake

Fish Caught:

35 Large Mouth

93 Small Mouth

Total 128

Total weight for fish caught = 346.5 pounds

Average fish weight = 2.7 pounds each

*We averaged 18.6 teams per event

*Top six teams based on points + total weight

1st Paul Schmidt and Ed Kerr 1967

2nd Skip Lerman and Mitch Pierson 1876

3rd Mike Williams 1842

4th Greg Breen and Chris Strabone 1465

5th Dave Tierney and Nick Runo 1406

6th Greg Beattie and Joe Pulice 1359

*2012 Tournament Lunkers

4-14 Hopatcong Mike Wallace 4lb 15.8oz

5-12 Candlewood Joe Follet & John Stanley 4lb 13.2oz

5-19 Candlewood Mike Heller & Art Vitale 4lb 13.8oz

6-16 Hopatcong Gary & Jeff Voss 4lb 10.2oz

6-30 Greenwood Dan Murphy & Don Nichols 4lb 2.6oz

7-14 Hopatcong Paul Schmidt & Len Salvatore 5lb 13.4oz

7-28 Greenwood Len Salvatore & Mike Kloss 3lb 4.2oz

8-11 Hopatcong Rich Kale & Rich Swisstack 3lb 14.8oz

8-25 Greenwood Art Vitale & Mike Keller 4lb3.2oz

9-8 Hopatcong Art Vitale & Ben Keysper 4lb 3.2oz

9-22 Greenwood Dave Tierney & Nick Runo 2lb 15.2oz

9-29 Hopatcong Greg Breen & Chris Strabone 4lb 5.8oz

*Fall Classic October 6th 2012

*A full field of twenty teams fished the event

*Fish Caught

44 Large Mouth

2 Small Mouth

Total 46

Total weight for fish caught = 93.12 pounds

Average fish weight = 2.12 pounds each

*First Place Skip Lerman & Mitch Pierson 13lb 10.4oz

*Second Place Mike Kloss & Len Salvatore 13lb 9.8oz

*Third Place Gary & Jeff Voss 10lb 15.2oz

*Fourth Place Paul Schmidt & Ed Kerr 9lb 8oz

I hope to see you all on the water for the 2013 season.

Have a Happy, Healthy, and Fish Filled New Year.

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