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 This article was in the Daily Record Today April 12, 2016

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A Lake Hopatcong fisherman may have hooked a record-winner this month, reeling in a large mouth bass weighing 8.74 pounds.

The fish was caught by Chris Hall on April 2 during the first fishing tournament of the season for the Northeast Bassmasters at Lee’s County Park Marina on Lake Hopatcong.

Teaming with partner Joby Poster to reel in the fish, Bassmasters Club members said it may have been the largest bass ever caught on the lake.

“I did some research and discovered that two years ago, a large mouth bass weighing in 8.09 pounds was caught, and that replaced a 7.02 pounds caught at least 20 years ago,” said Paul Schmidt, president of the Northeast Bassmasters and tournament director. “This fish has tipped the scales. It’s just unheard of and very rare.”

Because it was a catch and release tournament, the bass was returned to the Lake Hopatcong waters after the weigh-in.

Lee’s County Park Marina, a facility of the Morris County Park Commission, provides public access to Lake Hopatcong, and is a launch site for fishing tournaments.

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